It's much more important than just smoothing out a bumpy ride.

To maintain precise control of your vehicle, you need to be able to steer properly, which in turn requires a fully functioning suspension system and proper wheel alignment, two areas of auto service and vehicle maintenance expertise for Ben's Automotive.

Whether your vehicle has a conventional suspension system with shock absorbers or a strut-based system (which is typical for many of today's front-wheel drive models), Ben's Automotive has the know-how to diagnose and repair the problem. Our expert mechanics can also uncover alignment trouble and help you get back on track.

Think you have steering or suspension problems? Telltale signs include uneven or excessive tire wear, poor steering control, and excessive bouncing. If you notice any of these symptoms, or if you have questions about steering or alignment, simply stop by your local shop today. You can count on our skilled auto service mechanics to help smooth out your ride.

We are also a Rough County Dealer. We can sell and install all Rough Country Parts. Click here to see the catalog.


Steering & Suspension